INFINITE’s Sunggyu and KBS are in disagreement over his status as a cast member on the broadcasting station’s true crime show “Two-Faced” (literal title).

Sunggyu was originally cast as a fixed member of the program, but he was not able to participate in the recordings after he tested positive for COVID-19 in June.

A source from Sunggyu’s agency DHTNE explained, “After fully recovering from COVID-19, we asked the production team of KBS 2TV’s ‘Two-Faced’ for the upcoming filming schedule, but we were notified of his removal from the show.” They continued, “Sunggyu tested positive for COVID-19 soon after his first recording as a fixed cast member, so he could not participate in the [next] recordings. When he had fully recovered and became able to take part in the recordings, we asked about the schedule, and [the production staff] suggested that he appear as a guest from now on. But they’re claiming he wasn’t taken out of the show.”

The agency explained in another statement, “He couldn’t take part in episodes 2, 3, and 4 due to unavoidable circumstances, but his absence from episodes 5 and 6 had been agreed upon in advance. We adjusted his schedule with the show’s recordings in mind, so we are bewildered by their request for him to step down.”

However, a source from KBS stated, “Kim Sunggyu’s departure is not confirmed. We are continuously discussing with Kim Sunggyu’s agency.”

The program’s CP (chief producer) commented, “It’s a 12-episode program to start with, and Kim Sunggyu won’t be appearing in almost half of the entire show. Because we’ve had to fill the position with new cast members for over a month, there’s a lot to consider as the show’s producers.”

“Two-Faced” is a true crime show that deals with the crimes throughout Korea’s history that shocked the entire nation. Three episodes have aired so far, and comedian Kim Tae Gyun filled in for Sunggyu in episodes 2 and 3. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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