MAMAMOO Hwasa has launched her personal YouTube channel, which has garnered an impressive number of subscribers in approximately an hour.

On July 23, MAMAMOO member Hwasa took to her Instagram story that she has opened her own official YouTube channel. This comes as a celebration of her 26th birthday on the same day.

Hwasa has also uploaded her first two videos to her channel.


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MAMAMOO Hwasa Opens YouTube Channel, Obtains Thousands of Subscribers in Approximately an Hour

Following the announcement of the opening of MAMAMOO Hwasa’s YouTube channel, fans could not be more supportive and glad about it as they have been waiting for this for a long time.

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About an hour after the news, Hwasa’s YouTube channel quickly surpassed 20,000 subscribers. The platform went on to gain more in the following hours.


(Photo : Hwasa Instagram)

Just 15 hours later, the “Maria” singer achieved more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers, showing the explosive support of MooMoos (MAMAMOO’s fan club).

MAMAMOO Hwasa has also shared two videos on her YouTube channel.

Her first video is an introduction in which she revealed that she will share her daily life with the fans and tell them all about herself through her channel.

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For her second video, Hwasa showed a “draft version” of MAMAMOO’s “Dingga,” which was released in October 2020. BLB Entertainment was unveiled to have worked on the visual of this video.

Both of MAMAMOO Hwasa’s videos have already accumulated more than 130,000 YouTube views.


(Photo : Hwasa Instagram)

Hwasa is the second MAMAMOO member to launch her personal YouTube channel, following Solar, who created her channel in January 2019.

MAMAMOO Solar has been sharing videos related to her lifestyle, food, beauty, and K-pop. She currently has more than three million YouTube subscribers.

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MAMAMOO Drops First-Ever Ballad Album WAW

Meanwhile, Hwasa, along with her MAMAMOO members, made a full group comeback this past June with their eleventh mini-album, entitled “WAW.”

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This comeback marks MAMAMOO’s first time to release an album that contains songs that are all ballads in their seven-year career. Through these tracks, the band portrayed their feelings and thoughts about everything that took place in the past seven years that the members are together.


(Photo : MAMAMOO Twitter)

MAMAMOO’s “WAW” album features four songs, including the title track “Where Are We Now,” which is about wondering “Where are we now?” while we stand in an unfamiliar location.

On June 3, the following day when “WAW” was released, the album hit No. 1 on iTunes Albums charts in 21 different countries including Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, the Philippines, Chile, Malaysia, and Brazil.


(Photo : MAMAMOO Instagram)

In South Korea, the album’s title track, “Where are we Now,” debuted on various music charts. It landed on No. 4 on Bugs, No. 6 on Genie, and No. 24 on MelOn’s real-time chart. The B-side songs from “WAW” even entered the charts.

Over on the Hanteo Chart, MAMAMOO’s “WAW” recorded 38,259 total copies sold on the first day of sales alone. The album went on to sell 66,272 copies in its first week.

In its first month of sales, “WAW” sold 130,680 copies and ranked sixth on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart.

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