Following the floods in Henan, China, WJSN member Cheng Xiao is under fire after questioning if donations should define someone’s self-worth. Keep on reading for all the details.

WJSN Cheng Xiao Under Fire After Questioning if Donations Define a Person’s Self Worth

(Photo : Cheng Xiao Instagram)

WJSN Cheng Xiao Slammed After Questioning if Donations Define a Person’s Self Worth

On July 21, at nearly 7 PM, Cheng Xiao shared a post on her main account with a picture that features the dictionary definition of “donations.” Along the post include a caption that reads:

Donations. If you donate, you are scolded. If you do not donate, you are scolded. If you donate too little, you are scolded (you only dated this much?). If you donate a lot, you are scolded (how come you didn’t donate as much last time?). Since when did we use donations to dictate someone’s worth? Donations are not comparisons. Everyone is doing their best. Is it not better to focus on the actual event?

Cheng Xiao

(Photo : Cheng Xiao Weibo)

The post was deleted almost immediately after being posted.

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Previously, Cheng Xiao was criticized for only donating 100,000 RMB, which is equivalent to $14,419.25. On the other hand, many claimed that she contributed too little, noting that she owns bags that cost more than 150,000 RMB and has the money to spend.

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They also noted that Cheng Xiao is under Yuehua Entertainment, the biggest entertainment company in China and that they have done their best to promote her. Cheng Xiao has appeared in numerous red carpet events, starred in famous Chinese dramas, and sponsored the outfits that she wears to events.

Cheng Xiao

(Photo : Cheng Xiao Instagram)

Some people agreed with Cheng Xiao’s sentiments, saying that how much one donates should not be used to define their self-worth. However, her post made it appear that she did not want to donate in the first place and that she only did so to save face, which is what ultimately led to the backlash against the idol.

Did Cheng Xiao Respond to the Backlash Using Her Private Account?

Following the backlash, fans noticed that Cheng Xiao had recently updated her private account with photos of her cat. While the images are innocent enough, it is the caption that angered people; her caption reads, “Laughing so hard I choked.

Cheng Xiao

(Photo : Cheng Xiao Private Weibo)

Many people agreed that the post appeared tone-deaf, as Henan is in a middle of a national disaster. The flood is claimed to be China’s worst flood in 1000 years.

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However, it was later discovered that Cheng Xiao made her post concerning donations at 6:51 PM. In contrast, she made the post on her private account on 6:29, debunking the rumors that she was responding to the situation using her second account.

Cheng Xiao

(Photo : Cheng Xiao Instagram)

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