I am grateful to DB, for having giving us a space to have open discussion on topics apart from Kdramas, because I really do not know where else I can share my thoughts that have been continously chewing my mind the past few months😅

I already mentioned in few OT backs, I am an Asian. Before someone assumes, I am generalizing all the Asian people, please be assured that is not the case.

Right from childhood, people are expected to prioritize education over other aspects of life. That is not a bad thing per se, but when kids turn adults, everything becomes complex as they really do not know there is more to life than getting good grades. As a result, one of the factors that is greatly affected is marriage. We are not supposed to date, know about s**, but should all of a sudden be ready to marry a complete stranger, who our parents deem fit and procreate, probably, within maximum two years of marriage. Being of an age, where there is pressure to find the one and cross over to the next stage in life, I am actually jealous of all the people in countries, where this custom is not followed.

This is not about forceful marriage, but the problem is the older adults pretend to let one choose their partner, but it is only at face value because one is restricted from sharing their opinions/desires/aspirations. Open communication is essential to any relation, especially in arranged realtions, but parents are more worried about losing a good alliance (with respect to family background, education, career status, economic welfare etc.,) than letting their child to know/learn about their potential partner. There is emphasis on showing a golden personality than revealing one’s real attitude.


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