Mind Games, Chemistry, And Ji Sung: What to Watch After “The Devil Judge”

Another week without “The Devil Judge,” and weekends have never felt more empty. Tired of watching Ji Sung and Jinyoung play around behind the scenes? Wishing a special episode of content would appear out of nowhere? (There is a webtoon being made, which is available online!) There’s nothing quite like watching these two gorgeous men take down the government while making googly-eyes at each other, but here are some amazing dramas with similar elements!

Beyond Evil

Murder, mayhem, and men who don’t know whether to trust or kill each other collide in the too-quiet town of Manyang. Lee Dong Sik (Shin Ha Kyun) is a worldweary police officer with a chip on his shoulder and something to hide. 200 years ago, the town was plagued by a rash of disappearances. All victims were women, and nothing of them was found but their fingertips. The main suspect at the time? Lee Dong Sik. In the present, he endures the suspicion and dislike of the locals there who still haven’t forgotten the past. Consider him a less beloved Yohan.

Enter Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo), the Gaon of this drama, an up-and-coming star who is also the son of the future Police Commissioner. Assigned as Dong Sik’s boss, the two form a wary partnership. But Joo Won is here for a reason: the disappearances of 20 years ago have begun again. And this time, Joo Won is determined to see that justice is done.

Why you’ll love it: The push-and-pull relationship between Joo Won and Dong Sik is similar to, albeit not the same, as that between Yohan and Gaon. This show is not as explicit with its queercoding as “The Devil Judge” is, but the two men’s obsession with each other and their hate-to-love relationship follows the same pattern. This is a powerful, well-acted, powerhouse of a drama.

Check out the drama below! 

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Liar Game

“Liar Game” remains one of those shows that should have gotten a second season but somehow never did. In what is perhaps Shin Sung Rok’s best performance pre-“Kairos,” the drama is a labyrinth of mind games between two men who couldn’t be more different.

In a not-too unlikely future, a broadcasting station decides to run a game show where the people lie and cheat each other in hopes of winning 10 billion won. Naive, trusting Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun) enters the game to pay off her absentee father’s debts, enlisting the aid of Ha Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yoon), a brilliant psychology professor and ex-convict. But as the show’s games grow progressively more dangerous, Woo Jin suspects that the show’s enigmatic host, Kang Do Young (Shin Sung Rok) is after something. But what? And why?

Why you’ll love it: The show’s mind games are reminiscent of Yohan’s slick on-air manipulations. The battle of minds between Woo Jin and Do Young is tense, brilliantly-acted and so, so clever. At 12 episodes, the show is a quick watch and features well-known names like Lee El and Jo Jae Yoon!

And the opening is an absolute banger.