7 Ways The GOT7 Members Have Been Showcasing Their Individual Talents This Year

GOT7’s JAY B, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom, and BamBam may not be labelmates anymore following their departure from JYP Entertainment, but their bond as a group lives on, as they’ve shown their audience via their single “ENCORE.” The members joined different companies to pursue their solo careers, and it is heartwarming to witness them further grow in their distinctive activities.

Here is a rundown of how each GOT7 member has been showcasing his individual talents this year.

1. JAY B

JAY B retired his previous stage name JB as he joined H1GHR MUSIC and has since been focusing on his music career. He began his new solo journey by releasing “Switch It Up” featuring rapper sokodomo. A couple of months later, he followed up with his EP release “SOMO:FUME,” with Jay Park featuring in his title track “B.T.W.” He also participated in “The King of Mask Singer” as “Toad’s House.” Finally, JAY B released “I’m Surfin’” as part of the “Feel the Rhythm of Korea 2” promotional campaign on September 3.