7 Enchanting K-Pop MVs That Are Simply Royal

Great music videos often give off a refined perspective of the song by either reflecting its lyrics or adding a whole subliminal chapter that complements the storyline that’s being told. When it comes to K-pop, the cinematography reaches a whole new level. Some visual settings are so captivating that they exude royal energy, sometimes literally. Let’s discover the Continue Reading

Name That Drama: Love triangles and gossip galore

Number 1 could be Jealousy Incarnate. There was a love triangle like that, where the first guy said he wasn’t interested and then came back later after the other two were starting to like each other. I don’t remember what kind of argument the guys had about it though. Source link

5 Lessons Learned From K-Dramas That Tackle The Topic Of Physical Beauty

Stories about physical beauty are not new in K-dramas. Handsome sons and beautiful daughters from well-heeled chaebol families are the norm, while characters coming from a lower economic status may appear less conspicuously attractive but charming nonetheless. Even more common is the plotline where the less attractive character experiences difficulties in making friends, advancing their careers, or finding trustworthy Continue Reading

Open Thread #690

happy friday beanies! drama updates:started run on with a friend yesterday (ACSDGHJFKL gotta calm down) but ANYWAY, love the vibes of the show SO MUCH, and i’ll def continue it (hopefully with my friend OKAY IM GOING TO SHUT UP) probably gonna watch ITR eps this weekend, i’m in love with nana, that’s it. and Continue Reading