B1A4’s Sandeul Wittily Responds To Malicious Comments With Humor And A Humble Attitude

B1A4’s Sandeul appeared on JTBC’s “Night of Hate Comments” to fight back against malicious commenters! On the July 12 episode of the show, Sandeul reacted calmly and coolly to hate comments about himself, responding wittily to each comment he read and not letting them faze him. One of the comments about Sandeul read, “Isn’t it an Continue Reading

Lee Kwang Soo And Code Kunst Draw Attention For Resemblance To Famous Literary Character On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo and Code Kunst will earn a new nickname on this week’s episode of “Running Man”! During filming for the upcoming July 14 broadcast of the SBS variety show, Yoo Jae Suk remarked that the famous music producer bore an uncanny resemblance to a character from “Harry Potter.” The comedian pointed out, “Code Continue Reading

Captivating Points To Look Out For In “Justice” Chosen By Choi Jin Hyuk, Son Hyun Joo, And Nana

The actors and production team of KBS 2TV’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Justice” have shared points to look out for in the new drama! “Justice” is a social thriller about a corrupt lawyer named Lee Tae Kyung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk), who makes a deal with the devil in order to exact revenge, and a man named Continue Reading

Upcoming Medical Drama Releases Character Posters Of Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, And Lee Kyu Hyung

SBS’s upcoming medical drama “Doctor John” has unveiled character posters for its main cast. “Doctor John” stars Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung, and it tells the story of doctors who try to uncover the unknown causes of pain that their chronically ill patients experience. With the release of their character posters, anticipation for the Continue Reading

Watch: Im Siwan Opens The Door To Hell In Chilling Teaser For OCN’s Upcoming Drama

OCN’s “Hell is Other People” (tentative title) has revealed its first bone-chilling teaser featuring Im Siwan! Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Hell is Other People” is a thriller about a young man who lives in an unfamiliar dormitory in Seoul and the strange hellish events that occur because of the other residents Continue Reading

16 K-Pop Idols Who Actually Fit The Descriptions Of Their Zodiac Signs

Matching one’s personality with their horoscope can be hit-and-miss, yet, some idols happen to fit parts of their zodiac sign descriptions like a glove. While we couldn’t possibly be exhaustive in our analysis (because we only work with what these celebrities show us), here is a list of idols who really represent parts of their respective star sign traits. Check them out below and Continue Reading

THE BOYZ At Press Conference, All Ready And Excited For The Boyz Asia Fan-Con Tour [The Castle] 2019 In Singapore [PHOTOS]

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production) (Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production) (Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production) (Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production) (Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production) Continue Reading

Korea Shouldn’t Give Up On Legit Sageuk Dramas, And Neither Should You

Remember when the term sageuk used to really refer to Korean dramas that were based on historical events or people? No? Just me? Not trying to sound ancient (too late), but at one point, sageuk dramas used to be like 70+ episodes long, were based on old legends or people that existed in Korean history, and were the staple of many Korean grandpas who Continue Reading