Open Thread #659

I have a namjachingu 남자친구 Went back to work so my drama watching time was seriously cut down. Don’t know how I’ll make it through my list. Where Your Eyes Linger On episode 6I’ve been watching the episodes raw, then subbed and with comments, then with my roommate. Rewatching ftw!When Tae Joo said Gook needed Continue Reading

Red Velvet’s Seulgi + Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Talk About Being High School Classmates On “Amazing Saturday”

On the latest episode of “Amazing Saturday,” Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri talked about their shared connection! Irene and Seulgi appeared as guests on the May 30 episode of the tvN variety show, which has featured Red Velvet’s songs more than once during its signature lyrics guessing game. At the beginning of the Continue Reading