tvN’s New Revenge Drama “Room No. 9” Unveils Complex Character Relationship Chart

tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama “Room No. 9” has revealed an intriguing chart of its characters’ relationships! The new revenge drama will tell the story of femme fatale Jang Hwa Sa (played by Kim Hae Sook), a 63-year-old convict on death row who mysteriously switches bodies with the successful 36-year-old attorney Eulji Hae Yi (played by Continue Reading

The Guest: Episode 5

The Guest: Episode 5 by odilettante Everyone is forced to face the heaping pile of guilt that has been plaguing them for twenty years. Bringing Park Il-do to justice won’t be an easy task, but will our stalwart trio be able to stop blaming each other (or themselves) long enough to capture this vengeful spirit? Continue Reading

Dynamic Duo To Join Upcoming Idol Survival Show “Under 19” As Rap Directors

Dynamic Duo will be rap directors for MBC’s upcoming idol debut survival show “Under 19.” On October 1, a source from the show confirmed, “Following vocal team director Crush, Dynamic Duo will be joining the show as rap team directors. Please look forward to creative teen participants and Dynamic Duo.” The source continued, “The number Continue Reading

Theme of the Month: Choose your own epilogue

Theme of the Month: Choose your own epilogue by javabeans So a drama ends, and you’re not quite ready to let it go. You relive (and replay) your favorite parts over and over, and you dream of what happens after the characters exit from our views. Maybe you think of all the ways to put Continue Reading

Seungri Calls YG Artists To Ask What They Think Of His New Sitcom

October 1, BIGBANG’s Seungri held a V Live broadcast where he talked about the upcoming Netflix sitcom “YG Future Strategy Office.” Seungri said, “‘YG Future Strategy Office’ is made up of eight episodes that put a comedic twist on the various things that go on inside of YG. A lot of people are wondering if Continue Reading

“Where Stars Land” Cast Shares Fun Ratings Promises

The cast of SBS’s “Where Stars Land” shared their ideas for viewership ratings promises! “Where Stars Land” is a melodrama set in Incheon Airport about a mysterious rookie and an accident-prone first-year employee who help each other heal. On October 1, Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ji Soo, Kim Kyung Nam, Lee Continue Reading

Premiere Watch: Bad Papa, Fox Bride Star, Beauty Inside, Hundred Million Stars From the Sky, Room No. 9

Premiere Watch: Bad Papa, Fox Bride Star, Beauty Inside, Hundred Million Stars From the Sky, Room No. 9 by awcoconuts Chuseok has come and gone, which means holy mother forking shirt balls, we are drowning in shows! Here’s a little bit of everything coming at you this week: action, fantasy, melo, mystery, revenge, rom-com, and Continue Reading

“Where Stars Land” Cast Talks About What Makes The Drama Fresh And Unique

Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Dong Gun, and Kim Ji Soo attended a press conference for the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Where Stars Land.” The drama is the first to take place against the backdrop of Incheon International Airport. Executive producer Han Jung Hwan said, “‘Where Stars Land’ is a good drama. It’s Continue Reading

Mr. Sunshine: Episode 23

Mr. Sunshine: Episode 23 by dramallama Grab your tissues and get ready for this emotional penultimate episode! Even as Joseon plummets into ruin, the Righteous Army perseveres and continues to grow. Though their numbers may be no match to the size of the Japanese forces, their resolve and sacrifice make them a force to be Continue Reading

Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About Gaining Weight For His Role In “The Beauty Inside”

Ahn Jae Hyun revealed his confidence towards his character portrayal in the drama, “Beauty Inside.” The drama will tell the story of a top actress, whose face changes to a different person’s for a week every month, and a man who cannot differentiate people’s faces. Seo Hyun Jin will play the female lead Han Se Continue Reading

B1A4’s Jinyoung And AOA’s Mina To Lead New Web Drama

B1A4’s Jinyoung and AOA’s Mina will be starring in a new web drama together! Titled “Wind-Bell,” the web drama made an announcement that it has finished casting. Filming has begun and is expected to conclude production in December. “Wind-Bell” is a project selected through the “Seoul Story Drama Script Contest” held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government last year, and Continue Reading

The hapless and mysterious rookies in Incheon for SBS’s Fox Bride Star

The hapless and mysterious rookies in Incheon for SBS’s Fox Bride Star by tipsymocha Curiouser and curiouser. I haven’t been paying much attention so far to upcoming SBS melodrama Fox Bride Star, also called Where Stars Land, in spite of its pretty stellar cast which includes Lee Je-hoon (Tomorrow With You), Chae Soo-bin (I’m Not Continue Reading

“Master In The House” Achieves 1st In Its Time Slot With Four Temperaments Test

SBS’s “Master in the House” has generated lots of buzz with the four main cast members taking the Four Temperaments Test. According to Nielsen Korea, the September 30 episode of the variety show scored 12.2 percent and peaked at 13.6 percent, achieving first place in its time slot. During this episode, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yoon, BTOB’s Continue Reading

So True It Hurts: 7 Relatable Moments From College K-Dramas

College offers unique experiences regardless of age or geographical location. Some experiences are awesome, such as parties, roommates, and classes. And some are awful…such as parties, roommates, and classes. Even though the students are older than they were in high school, humans are still humans, and we have a way of doing cringe-y and embarrassing things Continue Reading

Chae Soo Bin Finds Herself In All Sorts Of Risky Situations In “Where Stars Land”

In the latest stills from SBS’s “Where Stars Land,” Chae Soo Bin gave viewers a peek at her difficult workday as an airport employee. Chae Soo Bin will star in the upcoming drama as Han Yeo Reum, a first-year employee at Incheon International Airport who gets into constant trouble. The passionate Han Yeo Reum manages to Continue Reading